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Capsule Machines Size 0  & Size 00

Capsule Machines Size 0 & Size 00

Availability: In stock

From £16.45

Availability: In stock

From £16.45

Quick Overview:

  • Capsule Machines Size 0 & Size 00 custom mix ingredients and dosage - giving you tailored nutrition for better results.
  • Use quality and fresh raw ingredients - know exactly what you are taking.
  • Reduce the use of binders or excipients - only consume the active ingredients.
  • Avoid the middleman's advertising costs and profit margins - reduce how much you spend on supplements and vitamins.
  • Shipped within 1 working day subject to stock.
We are a UK stockist of the Capsule Machines Size 0 & Size 00 and are selling at the lowest price in the UK, guaranteed.

For filling size 0 and size 00 capsules with powdered herbs and vitamins. The Capsule Machine Fills 24 Capsules in less than 2 minutes and with ease.

What You Get:

The Capsule Machines Size 0 & Size 00 comes with a clear instruction guide, a tamper to pack the powders down and a spreading card.

How to use the Capsule Machine:
  • Put large part of the capsules machine (the base) on enclosed stand, and then put on flat bowl or plate.
  • Separate empty capsules. Push the longer part, open end up into the base, and the shorter part into the cover.
  • Pour approximately 1 heaped tablespoon of powdered material into base and sweep enclosed card over holes, filling them. If desired, use enclosed tamping tool to compact powder, and then fill base again..
  • Place cover on base, and remove The Capsules Machine from stand. Put The Capsule Machine on flat surface and press down evenly until bottomed out. Release pressure.
  • Remove cover. Filled capsules should be in the cover. Depress top cover evenly on both sides to eject filled capsules.

Customer Reviews 25 item(s)

Sarah posted on 05 Sep, 2017
Verified Purchase
The product arrived very quickly as exactly as advertised. The capsule machine works beautifully
Colin posted on 25 Jul, 2017
The machine arrived as per order and at the time promised. It's a very well made machine, easy and quick to to use. I can fill the 24 capsules that the machine takes in 5 minutes flat, which is pretty good going.
Wiktor posted on 19 Jul, 2017
Happy with service and my product. i'm gonna be customer forever and if i'm gonna win ipad even longer

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