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Customer Group Discount.


Please note - we are still working on this area and there will be some minor adjustments in the near future but will keep you updated as soon as it is ready.


We give all customers existing and new great discounts on their orders. Great prices all the time not just flash sales.


It’s based on what you have spent in the last thirty days and automatically moves you into the relevant group for that discount. For example if you spend £125 and then £150 pounds within a 30 day period any orders after this will be eligible for a 2.5% discount on our entire product catalogue when you place your next order.


Unfortuantely some products/quantities may be excluded from the discount due to tight margins already applied to products.

Group Discount Spend
Bronze 2.5% £250+ in the previous 30 days
Silver 5% £1,000 - £5,000 in the previous 30 days
Gold 7.5% £5,000 - £10,000 in the previous 30 days
Platinum 10% £10,000+ in the previous 30 days
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