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Myo-Inosiol Powder

Myo-Inosiol Powder

You are purchasing 100% pure Myo Inositol powder. The powder is officially certified and comes with a certificate of analysis detailing the Myo Inositol’s composition and other quality characteristics.
We supply the highest quality Myo Inositol powder available on the market. The product is a fine granulation white crystalline powder that has a slight sweet taste.

Myo Inositol Uses and Benefits

  • Myo Inositol can be used to treat mental health disorders such as depression, obsessive- compulsive disorder, bipolar depression and anxiety.
  • Myo Inositol promotes healthy brain development and function.
  • Myo Inositol is used in the treatment on anxiety and panic disorder.
  • Myo Inositol may be beneficial in reducing blood cholesterol levels.
  • Myo Inositol is used to treat liver problems and detoxify the liver.
  • Inositol assists in transporting fats within the body.
  • Inositol can promote healthy hair and hair growth.

Myo Inositol Usage, Dosage and Side Effects


Myo Inositol powder can be taken by adding the recommended dose to drinks such as water or fruit juice, or by putting the recommended dose into empty capsules and swallowed.


Myo Inositol can be taken in dosages of 750mg 1-3 times a day.


As a dietary supplement we recommend taking 750mg of Myo Inositol 1-3 times a day. In studies, a wide range of Myo Inositol dosages have been used for the treatment of depress ion, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), ranging from 6 to 18 grams (6000 to 18,000 mg) per day.

Side Effects

Myo Inositol has no reported toxicity. The only known adverse side-effect of large doses of Inositol is the possibility of diarrhoea, nausea, tiredness, headache and dizziness.

Information on Myo Inositol

Inositol is a nutrient that is part of the vitamin B complex family and is utilised by the body for a variety of metabolic processes.Inositol is a simple carbohydrate important to human health and is found in a number of dietary sources including nuts, beans, wheat and oranges.
Myo-Inositol is part of the vitamin B complex family is produced in many human tissues and it is also found in many food sources. The best sources of Myo- Inositol are fruits, beans, grains, and nuts. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more Myo-Inositol than frozen, canned, or salt-free products. Cantaloupe and citrus fruits other than lemons are very rich in Myo-Inositol and oats and bran contain more than other grains. There is very little Myo- Inositol in milk and yogurt. Myo- Inositol has been used in the treatment of liver disease, depression, panic disorder, diabetic neuropathy (damage to the nerves which results in pain and numbness), respiratory distress syndrome (found in premature babies due to poor lung development), and to treat the side effects of the medicine lithium.
Inositol is closely linked to Choline. Inositol and Choline combine to produce lecithin, a type of lipid that is needed to form healthy membranes for every living cell in the body. Lecithin helps keep the brain, heart, and liver healthy, and aids in the absorption of thiamine (vitamin B1) and vitamin A.

Certificate Of Analysis:

Click Certificate Of Analysis to download the Certificate Of Analysis(COA) for Inositol Powder.


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