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We are:

Blackburn Distributions are a leading supplier and partner to the supplement, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Based in the North West of England since 2004 we are eager to get you the products you require at short notice and are available for advice at any time.

What we do:

Provide the easiest access to a unique combination of the finest quality ingredients in tailor made quantities and have an extensive UK stock range, expertly managed services and the most competitive prices.

Why we exist:

We make your business as successful as possible by reducing the time, effort and costs associated with dealing with numerous suppliers, comparing prices, dealing with imports, project management, research and development.

How we work:

Our philosophy is to operate with the time tested values of, respect, honesty, and passion from customer to supplier. These ethics combined with innovation and implementation underpin both our business and your businesses success.

The Story:

Blackburn Distributions was started by Ben Blackburn in August 2004. A family member required a diabetic sweetener, after searching and unable to find suppliers for smaller quantities he contacted numerous wholesalers. What he found lead to the development of Blackburn Distributions. The wholesalers would "only sell to a business" , "only sell in large lots", "only took business cheques"; "had a 7-10 day lead time"; "no fixed prices"; all in all the total opposite way the online world worked. It seemed a perfect opportunity to become one of the first nutraceutical suppliers in Europe to list prices online, that were available to everyone around the world in a wide variety of quantities and payment methods and focusing totally on the customer's needs.
He took the initiative and called the wholesaler this time as "Blackburn Distributions"; and speculated with money needed to pay for his university fees purchasing the larger quantity. The goods were then split into smaller units and listed on EBay providing everything our competitors couldn't. The rest, as they say is history!
Through consistent hard work and commitment from the team at Blackburn Distributions we now stock over 110 products in 18 different sizes delivering to customers from every corner of the globe. The result, Ben winning the 2010 Entrpreneur of the Year for North West Lancashire. Our continuing development has seen the relocation of the business to bespoke designed premises, the launch of a superior brand of sports supplements for the consumer market, the development of a new innovative website and planned expansion into emerging international markets. All of these are driven by the need to continually exceed our customers expectations.
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