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17 Unbeatable Supplements You Can Take Today That Will Help Heal Your Leaky Gut Forever in 2019

17 Unbeatable Supplements You Can Take Today That Will Help Heal Your Leaky Gut Forever.

Leaky Gut is an uncomfortable problem that can cause extreme discomfort, stomach upset, and a host of associated and often severe health problems.

It happens when the delicate lining of your intestines becomes too porous, allowing toxins and bacteria to enter your bloodstream and flood your system.

The key to curing a leaky gut lies in restoring a healthy intestinal lining, which seals your gut and keeps those harmful toxins out. However, it can be difficult to know the best way to treat this uncomfortable problem, especially when prescription medication often makes things worse.

In this post, we're going to show you how to heal leaky gut syndrome fast. Here you'll find 17 great all-natural supplements for leaky gut syndrome symptoms that will cure and repair your gut wall, without the need for prescription meds.

Number 1

L-Glutamine: Tighten Your Leaky Gut
Lining with L-Glutamine

This remarkable amino acid is unique because it's actually one of the primary fuels used by the cells in your gut lining. It works like a superfood, empowering your intestinal lining to repair itself and helping the membranes in your gut to tighten naturally. This tightening of the intestinal junctions is what is needed to seal a leaky gut, in order to stop harmful toxins from passing into your bloodstream.

The recommended glutamine leaky gut dosage for powdered glutamine is between 5-10g daily. You can measure out the right dose with a weighing scale like this high accuracy digital weighing scale to ensure you take exactly the right amount.If you prefer capsules, start by taking two 1g capsules daily and monitor whether your symptoms are improving. If not, up your dosage to five 1g capsules daily.

Before meals, so first thing in the morning would be ideal. If you go for the capsules, you can take one with a glass of water on waking and the other a couple of hours before lunch or dinner. Opting for the powdered form makes it even easier to stagger your dosage, as you can choose to microdose by blending smaller amounts into a cold beverage throughout the day. Or, just take half your daily dose once on waking, then again a couple of hours before a meal, mixed into a glass of water.

Make sure you take L-Glutamine on an empty stomach for maximum benefit and effect. This will help your cells to take up much more of the glutamine. Take the powdered form dissolved in water or a cold drink for better absorption, or swallow capsules with a glass of water to ensure the best efficiency. Don't take it in hot drinks as heat denatures the active properties in L-Glutamine.

Glutamine can cause stomach problems like bloating and irritation when taken in too high a daily dosage for your body. Always monitor your response to glutamine supplementation, and if you're any experiencing any stomach issues as a side effect, taper down your daily dose.

It's better to take L-Glutamine in powdered form, so that your body can absorb it better and you can taper your dose.
You can buy high quality L-Glutamine Powder that you can easily mix into your food or beverages here.

After you've been supplementing with L-Glutamine for a while, you should start to feel relief from the irritation and inflammation that accompanies a leaky gut.The cells in your gut lining should start to repair themselves, preventing toxins from entering your bloodstream, and you should also feel less sluggish and tired because your intestinal filters will be functioning much better.

Number 2

Curcumin : Lower Your Inflammation
Level With Curcumin.

Curcumin, derived from Turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory that dramatically reduces tissue damage and combats free radicals.It helps heal a leaky gut by controlling the inflammation pathways, enabling the lining of your gut to repair and replenish itself without being under the constant stress of inflammation.

You can take Turmeric, which contains some of the active ingredient, Curcumin, in powdered form, on salads, in smoothies, or even in your morning coffee.If you opt to get your Curcumin by eating powdered Turmeric, remember the amount of Curcumin in Turmeric is difficult to assess as it is not standardised.

Alternatively, you can buy Curcumin extract in 500g capsules. Take one or two daily, preferably with food daily for best results. Aim to be taking 1000g -2000g of Curcumin every day, for optimal results.

At mealtimes, to encourage absorption as Curcumin works better when digested with food. Make sure you take it with plenty of water to hydrate.

You can split your dose across the day so you don't have to take it all at once, making it gentler on your system, and easier for your body to absorb the active ingredients.

If you prefer to get your Curcumin from Turmeric, you can sprinkle on your food or use it when cooking to enhance flavour. Otherwise, swallow Curcumin capsules with a glass of water at mealtimes, to enhance its nutritional properties. To increase the bioavailability of this product it is recommended to be taken with black pepper extract.

Curcumin is a very safe supplement but when taken in high doses it can cause nausea and increase your risk of bleeding. It's not advised to take high amounts of this substance if you are taking blood thinning medication, such as Warfarin. Taking powdered turmeric also causes yellowing of the teeth which makes the capsule form far preferable.

Capsules can be the best way to get your daily fix of Curcumin and prevent the staining and yellowing that Turmeric powder can cause. As well, because it’s hard to know how much of the active compound is contained in your Turmeric, capsules like these ones here help you get a more precise dose.

After you've been regularly supplementing with Curcumin, you will have lower levels of inflammation, due to a cleansed and more robust digestive system. You should also start to experience an easing of the symptoms that can accompany leaky gut, including brain fog, stomach irritation, and lethargy.

Number 3

Vitamin C : Repair Your Intestinal
Lining With Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential to repairing your intestinal lining, because without it, your body cannot produce collagen. Collagen is an important protein that your cells require in order to knit together, and in the case of a leaky gut, is the answer to restoring robust pathways in your intestinal tract.

If you have sensitive teeth, you may want to take Vitamin C in pill form, as the powder may expose your delicate tooth enamel to erosion. However, if you want to vary your dosage, powdered form is by far the superior option as it will allow you to be much more precise.You can use a high accuracy digital weighing scale to ensure you're getting a precise dosage.

Once daily, at mealtimes, always with food containing healthy fat. If you're opting for the powdered form of Vitamin C, you can easily mix it into a drink. A milk or protein based beverage would be the ideal choice, as it contains the essential fat this vitamin requires for maximum absorbency.

Always take Vitamin C with food, preferably with some form of protein or fat to speed absorbency. You could also consider a supplement that combines calcium with Vitamin C as some studies have shown that calcium helps increase Vitamin C absorbency.

It's difficult to overdose on Vitamin C but if you take more than necessary, it can cause stomach problems, such as diarrhoea and vomiting, so make sure you always stick to the recommended dosage.

Vitamin C in powder form is more potent and will be easier for the body to absorb. It’s hard for a pill or tablet to contain the high amounts of this essential vitamin that your body requires to stay healthy, but this high potency Vitamin C Powder will ensure your immune system functions at peak.

If you are suffering from a leaky gut, a treatment plan with Vitamin C will take some time to show results. After about 3 months of supplementation, your immune system should be functioning better, but it may be up to 6 months before your leaky gut symptoms start to really improve, as the supplement works over time.

Number 4

Nac-Acety L Cysteine : Detoxe Harmful Inflammation
in your Body With NAC.

This substance is a key one when treating a leaky gut as it is a form of the powerful amino acid cysteine. Cysteine is a highly efficient detoxifier and potent anti-oxidant and is also one of the key ingredients required to form glutathione, the body's master cleanser.

Without it, your body is more susceptible to damage from the toxins released by your digestive system, and so by boosting your Cysteine intake, you can guard against and prevent leaky gut associated symptoms.

Take 500g-1000g in capsule or powdered form daily. If you opt for the powder version, take care to seal it in an airtight container somewhere dry, as N-acetylcysteine rapidly loses its potency when it's exposed to the air.

Before meals, on an empty stomach. So it won't lose its potency and oxydise, don't expose it to the air for long periods of time. Quickly blend it into a beverage instead and drink your dose as soon as possible, as your body will absorb much more of the active component this way.

With water if you're taking it in capsule form, or dissolved into a glass of water if you're opting for the powdered version. Never take it with food, as this will interfere with absorbency and also lessen the effectiveness of the active compound.

Too much Nac-Acety l cysteine can cause asthma attacks, low blood pressure, and potential shortness of breath, so do take care to watch your dosage.

Powder is the ideal way to get your daily dose of N-acetyl l cysteine, but remember to keep it somewhere dry where it’s not exposed to the air. High strength, top quality Nac-Acety l cysteine can be purchased here and easily added to your daily diet, by incorporating it into a cold beverage to mask the taste.

N-acetylcysteine is fundamental to the body's formation of glutathione, which in turn heals and detoxifies harmful inflammation in your body. After about 3 months supplementation you should start to see a reduction in the inflammation related effects of leaky gut symptoms, such as nausea, apathy, acid reflux, and irritation.

Number 5


Bromelain is an enzyme that helps to digest proteins so it's especially useful to include in any leaky gut treatment plan. The substance has the power to heal injury in the gastrointestinal tract, and Bromelain will also aid in your body's absorption of nutrients.

Bromelain should be taken in capsule form. Take 500 mg with meals containing a good balance of healthy carbs, protein and fats to better enhance digestion.

Once daily, with your meals to aid absorption of the active ingredient. You can take Bromelain capsules easily with a glass of water or other cold beverage, but don't take it with a hot drink as this can discourage absorbency.

For non-digestive related disorders Bromelain should be taken on an empty stomach. However for digestive related issues, such as leaky gut, it's better to take Bromelain at mealtimes to aid digestion.

As Bromelain has the ability to thin the blood, it should be avoided if you are taking blood thinning medication.

Bromelain is better taken in capsule form, as it’s easier to deliver the beneficial ingredients this way. As well, purchasing capsules like these ones will make it simple to take your Bromelain supplementation with a glass of water to accompany your meal.

Supplementation with Bromelain will result in better digestion and a healthier intestinal tract. Over time, the substance also has the capacity to heal gastrointestinal tissue, resulting in a dramatic reduction in leaky gut symptoms as your body naturally repairs the delicate gut lining.

Number 6

Krill Oil : Boost Your Cell Tissues
With Healthy Fat.

Krill Oil is high in Omega 3's which makes it an excellent anti-inflammatory. Supplementing with this powerhouse oil will reduce irritation in your stomach lining and replenish your system with healthy fats. Krill is the best fish oil to take due to its low levels of contaminating pollutants, and the supplement should be an essential step in any serious leaky gut treatment plan.

Take 1000mg -2000mg of Krill Oil in capsule or liquid form daily. If you like the precision of a tailored dose and can bear the taste, you may want to opt for the liquid. Soft gel capsules are the alternative to liquid Krill Oil, and are usually odourless and tasteless.

Once daily, at lunch or dinner. If you're opting for the oil, swallow it with some flavoursome food that contains fats as this will help mask the taste and help your body to absorb the nutrients.

Take it with meals that contain fats as studies have shown this will aid your body's ability to absorb Krill Oil.

Capsules should be taken with a glass of water, and a meal containing fat to encourage uptake of the nourishing components in the Krill.

Krill Oil is extremely safe and side effects are highly unlikely. However some people have found that Krill Oil taken in large doses can cause heartburn, bad breath,loose stools, and an upset stomach.

Krill Oil varies in quality, so make sure you check out any supplement before you purchase. A good manufacturer will include information about how their Krill Oil was sourced, like these high grade Krill Oil capsules, available for purchase on Amazon. Taking capsules like these ones also helps mask the slightly unpleasant fishy taste of the oil.

After 4-6 months of supplementing with Krill Oil, your gut lining should begin to repair itself due to the mega-dose of healthy fats that feed the cell tissue. It's a great idea to pair Krill Oil with cellfood like L-Glutamine, for an extra speedy recovery process.

During your leaky gut recovery time, Krill will also help to detoxify your system by neutralising the harmful free radicals that attack your body and cause cell damage.

Number 7

Vitamin A : Helps Seal Porous Gut By Tighten The
Gastro-Intestinal Junctions.

Having the correct levels of Vitamin A is critical to maintaining a healthy and strong gut lining. It can be difficult to ensure you are receiving an adequate amount of this vitamin, particularly if you are a vegetarian, as it's predominantly found in animal food sources.

This is where clever supplementation can help. Taken at the proper dosage Vitamin A will strengthen your intestinal lining and tighten the gastro-intestinal junctions, which will help to heal and seal a leaky and porous gut.

You should be aiming to take around 650 mcg of Vitamin A each day. It's most commonly found in capsule form, to prevent oxidation, and capsule doses vary, so check the amount in each capsule before you buy. Take as many capsules as necessary to ensure you hit the recommended daily dosage.

Once a day, with a meal that contains healthy fats like meat from grass fed animals and nuts. Swallow as many capsules as necessary to hit the recommended daily dose, along with a glass of water or other beverage.Ideally take your daily Vitamin A dose with breakfast if you can,to set your system up optimally for the day.

As Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, it's vital to take it with food to glean the full benefits. Ideally, aim to get your daily dosage at mealtimes when you have a little healthy fat on your plate.

Vitamin A is highly toxic to the liver when taken in higher doses than necessary, and can cause poisoning, vomiting, and nausea, so it's important not to take too much. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should avoid taking Vitamin A altogether due to its potentially harmful effects on your developing child.

As Vitamin A is highly prone to oxidation, it’s much better to take in capsule form, as the protective caplets will shield the ingredients from exposure to the environment. Take these Vitamin A Capsules once a day with a meal containing a little healthy fat to get the maximum benefit from this crucial building block vitamin.

Vitamin A is one of those supplements that can really make a positive difference in cases of gut permeability, but, as with a lot of supplements to heal leaky gut, and perhaps even more than most, it is definitely not a quick fix.

To see the true benefit of Vitamin A supplementation, you will need to take it daily for at least 3-6 months, before it has the chance to build to a sufficient level in your body where it can make an impact on your leaky gut symptoms.

It helps cure leaky gut syndrome by improving cell tightness, resilience, the quality of your stomach lining, and by replenishing your mucous membranes, as it's an essential cell food your body requires to maintain good health.

Number 8

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

A diet rich in Omega-3 can help to prevent Candida, which is often one of the primary causes of leaky gut syndrome. It works by reducing the inflammation, which, when left untreated, can eat through the gut wall, allowing bacteria to pass through into your bloodstream.

It also provides essential lubrication to your intestinal junctions, helping them knit together and prevent toxins from leaking.

You can take Omega-3 in oil or capsule form. If you can tolerate the taste of oil, this would be the preferred option, as some research has shown your body may better absorb the benefits this way.

Whatever you opt for, you should aim to be taking around 1,500mg-2000mg of Omega-3 daily, to guarantee your body is receiving enough.

Unlike a lot of other supplements, it could actually be better to take your Omega-3 supplements at dinner time, rather than at the start of the day, so as not to overload your system.

You can stagger your Omega 3 dose across the day if you prefer, taking a spoonful two to three times daily if you've gone for the oil. Or, if you've opted for capsules but swallowing many capsules in one sitting is difficult, take one with every meal, along with a glass of water or other cold beverage.

Take with meals that contain fat to improve absorption and avoid taking on an empty stomach as this can impair digestion of the active components.

Side effects are minimal but can include belching, bad breath, heartburn, nausea, and loose stools, especially if you take Omega-3 in high doses or if you take more than necessary.

When taking Omega 3s, quality is everything, so source a responsible manufacturer to make sure you’re taking an effective dose every day. Good quality Omega 3 can be taken in oil or capsule form, but it may be easier to take capsules like these Premium Omega Capsules daily, so you don’t have to swallow the oil.

Supplementing with Omega-3 will help your body produce a healthy growth of new cells and reduce inflammation. This should show in a reduction of your leaky gut symptoms, but you do need to establish a treatment course for at least 3 months before you can expect any results.

Number 9

Folic Acid Aids in Strengthening & Repairing
Existing Cell Tissue

Folic Acid is scientifically proven to encourage production of new cell growth in the intestinal mucosa. It also helps to heal a leaky gut by strengthening and repairing existing cell tissue and promoting healthy internal function.

400 mcg daily, to be taken in tablet or liquid form, with meals. If you take it in liquid form, use a high accuracy digital weighing scale to ensure you're getting the right dose.

You can take it at any time of the day as long as you absorb it with food, but if you have a lot of other supplements to take in the morning, it could be better to take it at lunch or with your evening meal.

You can also split your dose, taking a Folic Acid pill in the morning and one in the evening, as long as you don't ever take it on an empty stomach as it requires food in order to be fully absorbed.

Always take your Folic Acid supplement with food to maximise absorbency. Swallow tablets with a glass of water to accompany your meals, in order to ensure you remain hydrated.

When taken in high doses over long periods of time, folic acid can cause abdominal cramping, nausea, fever, rashes, and excess gas, so watch out for these symptoms and monitor your dosage carefully.

Folic Acid can be taken in liquid form but it’s easier to get your daily amount by taking simple-to-swallow no fuss tablets like these High Strength Folic Acid Tabs, which won’t leave a nasty after-taste in your mouth.

A faster, more efficient cell renewal process of your intestinal wall, and a stronger network of gut tissue. This will help to seal your leaky gut and prevent further leaking.

However, effects do build over time, so a course of treatment should be followed for at least 6 months before you can expect to feel any results.

Number 10

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane): Strengthen Your
Intestinal Immune System With MSM

MSM has a valuable role to play in treating symptoms of leaky gut syndrome. The substance has the capacity to supply your system with essential sulphur, which can positively affect intestinal health, and prevent gut permeability (leakage).

MSM strengthens your intestinal immune system, and feeds the cells in your gut with sulphur containing compounds, which your body will use to help heal and repair any intestinal imbalance.

MSM can be taken either orally or topically, as its fine particles give it the unique ability to absorb through your skin. It is better however, to take it in powder form, as this enables you to tailor your dose. Dosage should be between 1000mg-2000mg daily, taken at mealtimes for maximum efficacy.

Take your daily dose at mealtimes, staggered across the day in two or three doses to maximise the effects of this beneficial supplement.

You can use a digital weighing scale to precisely measure out your dose and help you to easily split your daily quota.

If you are taking it in powder form, MSM dissolves easily in water and can also be mixed into juices or other cold beverages to disguise the slightly unpleasant taste.

It is next to impossible to overdose on MSM because your body will only ever take the amount it needs and flush out the rest.

However, if you have an intolerance to sulphur you should avoid supplementing with MSM because it can cause allergic reactions such as rashes, itching, nausea, vomiting, and shortness of breath.

Plump for the powder form of MSM if possible, so you can precisely tailor your dose to your body’s individual needs.Go for a high strength, high quality MSM Powder like this one from Blackburn’s and sprinkle it on food, or blend into a beverage to mask the taste.

Follow a course of MSM supplementation for 2-6 months and you should definitely experience a reduction in your leaky gut syndrome symptoms.

Tighter intestinal knitting, improved cell health, and stronger intestinal tissue, are all benefits your body should manifest as a result of taking MSM.

Number 11


Zinc is an essential component that your body requires to produce healthy strong cells, and if you have a Zinc deficiency it can be a direct cause of intestinal permeability, aka leaky gut syndrome.

Luckily, supplementing with Zinc can quickly remedy the problem, and a research study published by Sturniolo in 2001 demonstrated it could even contribute to healing in as little as eight weeks!

110 mg, taken three times daily with food to aid absorption. Zinc can be taken in powder or tablet form, lozenges, or even nasal spray, and is frequently combined with Vitamin C, particularly in chewable tablets.

If you choose to get your Zinc in lozenge form or opt for a nasal spray you can take it at any time of the day, but it may be harder to measure out your dosage.

Powdered Zinc is much easier to take throughout the day, as you can sprinkle it onto your food at mealtimes, making it super easy to digest.

If you're opting for the tablet or powder version of this vitamin, make sure you take it at mealtimes to increase your body's capacity to absorb this essential nutrient.

Take capsules with a glass of water or sprinkle the powder onto food. You can also dissolve the powder into a cold flavoured beverage to disguise the taste.

Though it's remarkably restorative, Zinc is extremely toxic when taken in incorrect amounts and can cause rashes, headaches, stomach upsets, nausea, diarrhoea, and even kidney and liver failure.

It's crucial you don't take more than necessary and regularly monitor your body's response to make sure you're not overdosing.

Zinc is a crucial nutrient required for healthy immune system function, and it’s common to have a deficiency in this mineral, particularly if you’re suffering from leaky gut syndrome. If this is the case, a high potency, quality Zinc Powder like this one is the best way to restore healthy Zinc levels.

Zinc heals surprisingly rapidly, though it works best when it has the chance to accumulate and stabilise at a healthy level in your system. Once a Zinc deficiency is corrected by adequate supplementation though, it has a powerful healing effect on leaky gut syndrome, as the mineral is directly connected to the integrity of your intestinal health.

Number 12


Collagen contains vital amino acids that are critical to cell growth. It is a key player in any leaky gut treatment plan because it has the power to literally knit your gut wall back together by tightening the intestinal junctions and closing up widened passageways.

You can absorb collagen from foods such as bone broth, but if you're trying to treat a leaky gut, it's a good idea to supplement as well. Collagen can be taken in tablet, capsule, or powder form at doses between 5,000mg and 10,000mg daily. The powder can be easily mixed into a drink and is completely tasteless, making it easy to include in your daily routine.

Take it before meals, ideally at the start of the day. Collagen capsules can be swallowed on waking with a large glass of water to hydrate.

Although it's easier to take Collagen in capsule form, the powder is almost flavourless, so can be easily blended into a drink. If you prefer to split your dose across the day, this might be the preferred option, as it does allow you to tailor your dose with more precision.

Take collagen on an empty stomach or with a light liquid breakfast, as its ability to be absorbed by your body is reduced if your stomach contains food that needs to be digested.

If you're taking the powdered form of collagen and you want to make sure of your daily dosage, use a high accuracy digital weighing scale to measure out the proper dose.

Side effects from collagen are very rare but depending on the source of the collagen, cow can cause an allergic reaction if you have a pre-existing intolerance. As a precaution, always make sure you check the label of any collagen supplement before you ingest it.

Collagen is relatively tasteless, so it can be easily sprinkled on food, or mixed into beverages, without altering the taste. That said, taking powdered collagen every day can be a hassle, especially when you can get all of the benefits by supplementing every day with handy Collagen Capsules like these ones from ProtoCol.

After about 2 months of taking collagen at the recommended dosage, the channels in your gut lining should start to tighten, causing a reduction in your leaky gut symptoms.

Remember, it takes around 4 months for your body to fully replace damaged tissue with healthy tissue. Expect to wait at least this long in cases of leaky gut syndrome, as collagen works slowly by feeding your body the proteins it needs to produce new, healthy cells.

Number 13

N-Acetyl Glucosamine Helps in Restoring Mucous
Membrane That Seals the Gut

Found in the mucosal layer of the intestinal tract, N-acetyl glucosamine helps to restore the mucous membrane that seals the gut and prevents leakage. N-acetyl glucosamine has a conditioning and strengthening effect on delicate internal tissue, helping to restore and repair damage, permeability, and holes in the intestinal lining.

Typical dosage is 500mg, three times daily, taken in capsule or powder form. Take capsules with a large glass of water. N-acetyl glucosamine is also available in powder form and if you choose to take it this way, you can get your daily dose easily by dissolving 500 mg of powder, three times a day into a cold beverage.

Take it at mealtimes, either at lunch or dinner, to increase absorbency. N-acetyl glucosamine is not a supplement you should use long term, but taken over a period of 6 months or less, it is highly effective as part of a leaky gut syndrome treatment plan.

With food, for maximum absorption. N-acetyl glucosamine has the capacity to bind to food, which increases its effectiveness, so never take this nutrient on an empty stomach.

Don't take it with overly spicy foods though, as this could irritate your already delicate stomach lining, and try to make sure your meal contains some healthy carbs and essential fats to speed the absorption rate.

Because N-acetyl glucosamine is derived from shellfish sources, anyone with an allergy or sensitivity to shellfish should not supplement with it, as it can cause an allergic reaction. Symptoms such as hives, itchy rash, shortness of breath, and wheezing can occur when ingested by someone with an intolerance, so avoid it if you have ever had any sort of unpleasant reaction to shellfish.

As well, N-acetyl glucosamine can cause excessive bleeding in people with clotting disorders or those on blood thinning medications, so again, avoid if this applies to you.

The ideal way to supplement with N-acetylglucosamine is to take it in powder form, and as it’s easily sprinkled on food, or mixed into flavoured beverages,supplementation shouldn’t be a problem. Simply measure out the correct dose of a high potency Glucosamine Powder like this one every day and take it with your meals, to ensure your body absorbs the beneficial nutrients.

It takes about 2-4 months to start feeling the full benefit of N-acetylglucosamine. When the effects kick in, you should start to feel a dramatic reduction in your leaky gut syndrome symptoms as your intestinal mucous becomes stronger and more efficient at filtering and processing toxins.

A course of treatment should reset and replenish the mucosal layer in your gut lining, helping to heal and seal the gut wall.

Number 14

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, particularly Vitamin D3, is an essential vitamin that lots of us don't get enough of. The best source is sunlight, but in the winter months, our stocks of this vital nutrient can run low, which is where supplementation can come in handy.

Vitamin D can play a crucial role in the treatment of a leaky gut because it's needed by the intestines so they can act as a gatekeeper for our immune system. They do this by blocking toxins and pollutants from entering our bloodstream. When Vitamin D is low, your immune system will simply not function as well, making it a truly critical building block if you want to maintain healthy gut function.

There are many ways you can supplement with Vitamin D, tablets; soft gels, liquid drops, nasal spray, and even lozenges.Whatever form you decide on, always take it with food that contains fat, as it's a fat soluble vitamin, and aim for between 2,000 IU's and 4,000 IU's a day.

Because Vitamin D also encourages calcium absorbency, you should always take it with Vitamin K, which binds calcium to your bones, so that calcium does not get deposited in your arteries, which can cause heart disease.

With meals containing fat as it's a fat soluble vitamin, preferably your first meal of the day, if you have fat with your breakfast. You can stagger your dose easily if you plump for the powdered form of Vitamin D, measuring it out with a digital weighing scale for accuracy into two or three doses that you take with your meals.

With meals containing healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, butter, or grass fed meats.

Lunch and dinner would be a good choice, as if you prefer cereal in the morning you might find it hard to eat the fat this vitamin requires for full absorbency.

It's almost impossible to overdose on Vitamin D, but when taken alone, the supplement can cause excessive calcium to be deposited in your arteries. That's why it's important to always take Vitamin D in conjunction with Vitamin K to ensure calcium is bound to the bone, where it's meant to be.

Mix a premium quality Vitamin D powder into a cold beverage and take it with a fat containing meal, or sprinkle it onto food to get your daily quota.
Look for a high strength Vitamin D3 Powder like this one from Blackburns to ensure you're receiving the recommended amount, as concentrations vary, and a lot of products on the market don’t contain the amount your body needs every day.

Vitamin D has a cumulative effect, working overtime to bring your body's immune system back into balance. Once any Vitamin D deficiency has been corrected, your intestinal function will be much more efficient, filtering out toxins and pollutants with greater ease.

This will go a long way to reducing a lot of the associated leaky gut symptoms that can come from having an immune system that functions at a sub par level.

You can expect to see results after about 3 months but you do need to keep supplementing with this vital vitamin if you want your levels to remain constant.

Number 15

Probiotics Aids in Re-Establishing the Correct Levels of
Healthy Bacteria In the Gut

Probiotics are highly beneficial in cases of leaky gut syndrome, as they help rebuild a layer of beneficial bacteria in your intestinal lining. However, they should not be started on straight away, as your sensitive gut will not be primed to handle them.

Follow a program of clean eating for 2-4 weeks, while supplementing with L-Glutamine, then introduce a high-quality probiotic into your regime.Probiotics work by re-establishing correct levels of healthy bacteria in the gut, which enables it to deal with toxins much better, leading to a stronger immune system.

The goal here is to rebalance your stomach bacteria and replenish the intestinal lining with healthy gut flora. You don't want to overload your system, which is likely to be more delicate anyway if you're suffering from a leaky gut. Consume 1 or 2 capsules a day of a probiotic supplement that contains a culture of between 10-15 billion good bacteria, so as not to overdo things.

Monitor over a period of 4 weeks to see whether there is any improvement in your leaky gut related symptoms and adjust your dosage accordingly.

Take your daily dose of probiotic either with a meal containing a little dietary fat, or 30 minutes before.

Take for at least a month, or until you feel a considerable improvement in your leaky gut syndrome related symptoms.

Swallow with a large glass of water, either just before meals, or with your meal to enhance absorption.

Don't take it at the same time as spicy or very hot food as this could aggravate and overload your sensitive intestinal lining.

If you take more than you need of a probiotic supplement, you could experience bloating, excessive gas, burping, loose stools, and gastric upset. If you're a leaky gut sufferer, it's very important to monitor your body's response while taking probiotics, to ensure you're not overloading your system.

You can take probiotics in a liquid form, but these can spoil quickly, making tablets the no hassle option. Pick up this pack of beneficial Probiotics combined with a Prebiotic to prime your gut lining, and your intestinal health will be back to full strength in no time.

If a deficit of healthy gut flora is responsible for causing your leaky gut related symptoms, after supplementing with probiotics for at least 4 weeks,you should start to see a definite improvement in your condition.

As good bacteria colonises in your gut, your intestines will be better equipped to fight off toxins, parasites, and other harmful invaders, and your intestinal junctions will tighten up, helping to prevent leakage.

Number 16


Raspberry Leaf extract has a toning effect on intestinal and reproductive tissue, so when taken as part of a leaky gut care plan it can be extremely effective. Raspberry Leaf extract also has a powerful replenishing and nourishing action on damaged cells, making it ideal for cases of intestinal permeability, a direct cause of leaky gut syndrome symptoms.

Raspberry Leaf extract can be taken in capsule form, or drunk as a tea, or infusion. You can buy pre-packaged tea bags, or get loose Raspberry leaf tea and infuse it yourself, as you would any other tea. Dosage should be around 750 mcg daily and can be taken alone or with meals.

Raspberry Leaf extract can be taken at any time of the day, on its own, or with meals. Brew a pot of Raspberry Leaf tea or make an infusion and pour cups to sip throughout the day, as it is a pleasant and highly refreshing beverage, whether it's drunk cold, hot, or gently warmed.

You can also switch out your morning coffee for a cup of Raspberry Leaf tea, which will also help your leaky gut, as caffeine can often be an aggravating factor that can worsen symptoms.

If you opt for the capsule form of the extract, take it with a glass of water to ensure you absorb your dosage properly.

The tea can be sipped hot or cold, and loose tea can be weighed using a high accuracy digital measuring scale like this one: High Accuracy Digital Scale though you should always prepare Raspberry Leaf Tea using boiling water.

Raspberry Leaf Extract is extremely safe and has no real side effects, however,Pregnant women in the first trimester should not take it as it can make the uterus contract, causing miscarriage.It is very safe in the later stages of pregnancy, and in fact is highly beneficial, due to its toning effect on the uterus.

If you enjoy herbal teas, Raspberry Leaf Extract is delicious as an infusion, plus you can sip it throughout your day.But if you don’t want the stress of making tea, you can get your daily dose of gut healing Raspberry Leaf Extract in handy tablets like these Nature’s Aid ones, available on Amazon.

After supplementing with Raspberry Leaf for 3-6 months, you will have stronger and more toned intestinal tissue and your gut lining will also be less permeable and porous. Because permeability is the primary cause of gut leakage, you should start to see a dramatic reduction in your leaky gut related symptoms after this time period.

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Multivitamins : Get Essential Nutrients Needed to Cure
Leaky Gut With Multivitamins

If you're suffering from a leaky gut, you should never underestimate the importance of taking a good multivitamin daily. High-quality multivitamins will ensure your body receives a good dose of the essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals it requires to stay healthy.

Achieving the right vitamin and mineral balance in your body is key because your body draws on the supply of nutrients it receives when it produces cells, tissue, and mucous. These are three things that need to be at an optimal level if you want to avoid leaky gut syndrome.

Ideally, you should opt for a multivitamin that also contains beneficial probiotics, as these will help to establish healthy bacteria in your gut. This is another important factor which can bring your body back into alignment and help heal and seal your intestinal lining.

Dosages vary depending on what multivitamin you've chosen, so always check product packaging to ascertain the correct amount to take.

Multivitamins come in a huge variety of formulas, including pills, capsules, lozenges, powders, chewable tablets, and even sprays, but for leaky gut, tablets, capsules, or powders are your best option as they will typically contain a higher proportion of beneficial ingredients.

Try and take your multivitamin at the same time each day, with food, to get your body acclimated to a regular routine. It's a good idea to take it with your breakfast, as this sets you up for the day and gives your body something to digest, maximising absorbency.

Take your multi with food, preferably with meals containing healthy fats, as some of the vitamins and nutrients it contains, like Vitamin C, will be absorbed much better this way.

Powdered multivitamins can be sprinkled on food or mixed into smoothies. Capsules or tablets should be taken with a large glass of water to hydrate.

You typically only need to take most multivitamins once daily, but check the precise instructions on your multi to make sure you're getting the right dosage.

It's incredibly rare to suffer side effects from a multivitamin, especially if you're taking it at the right dosage, although there are some situations where this can occur.

Usually, this would be when you already have a pre-existing intolerance to one or more of the ingredients, like niacin, one of the B vitamins, or an allergic reaction to the filler ingredient used in your multivitamin.

If this is the case you could suffer an allergic reaction such as wheezing, hives, an itchy rash, or shortness of breath.

Check the ingredients listing on your multivitamin to make certain you're not allergic to any of the ingredients, to avoid this type of situation occurring.

Get a high grade multivitamin, preferably with a probiotic, from a trusted and reputable manufacturer to ensure you’re getting your daily boost of nourishing vitamins and nutrients. This one, from Multibionta,contains beneficial stomach healing probiotics, for an added boost to relieve those leaky gut related symptoms.

The effects of supplementing with multivitamins take some time to show in the body, especially when it comes to seeing a real difference in your leaky gut symptoms.

After about 6 months of taking your multivitamin, any intestinal imbalances caused by a mineral or vitamin deficiency should start to right themselves, as your body's levels of essential nutrients start to normalise.


If a leaky gut is getting you down, by incorporating just one or two of the above-recommended supplements into your diet, you could soon start to see and feel a reduction in symptoms. As many of the supplements mentioned are relatively inexpensive, why not try combining three or four, if you want to see a dramatic improvement even faster?

Remember the goal here is to improve overall gut health and intestinal function, so make sure you're also following a healthy diet, if you want to see the maximum benefits. Eliminate gluten, alcohol, and all processed foods, and reduce sugar and caffeine to a minimum, to really enhance the benefits of your new supplement regime.

Don't forget the power of movement either, gentle exercise like yoga, stretching, pilates, and walking will all aid your body as your gut lining tries to repair itself.

If you follow this advice and harness it in combination with one or more of the recommended leaky gut treatment supplements recommended in this plan, you will see a marked improvement in your energy and mood. You will also enjoy lower levels of inflammation and irritation, as a result of improved intestinal health.

Now you know the supplements to heal your gut wall that your system requires, you can seal your leaky gut and suffer no longer.This treatment plan will empower you to get proactive and feed your body the substances it needs to replenish and repair itself, enabling you to cure your leaky gut syndrome forever.

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