It doesn’t matter what walk of life you’re from; fatigue can be one of the most difficult physical states to conquer. Whether you’re a student, an office worker, a parent, an Olympic contestant or anything in between, the condition of fatigue is one of the most common symptoms suffered by individuals living in the modern world. Unfortunately, feeling tired isn’t the only symptom you’ll feel when your body begins to feel drained.

Feeling sleep-deprived comes hand in hand with an extensive range of negative side effects. From increased levels of stress and tension to decreased levels of productivity, it’s not uncommon to feel spaced out and disconnected from reality, both from yourself and the people around you, when the first signs of fatigue start to take hold.

Fortunately, there is an extensive range of completely natural supplements for fatigue that gives you the opportunity to combat these symptoms and signs of tiredness, enabling you to carry on with your day effectively and productively. These supplements can help to reduce your stress and tension levels while allowing you to complete what you need to get done.

Here, we’ll explore some of the most effective fatigue-fighting supplements on the market, giving you the power and edge you need to conquer each day.

1 Vitamin B Complex (B12 & B6)


One of the most popular supplements to fighting fatigue, the Vitamin B Complex is an essential vitamin that your body requires to function at optimal levels. The entire complex is produced using the 11 various water-soluble vitamins, each one working simultaneously to maintain high levels of energy and help to promote healthy brain functions.

Everyday factors, such as stress, lack of a healthy diet or excessive intake of alcohol can result in a Vitamin B deficiency which almost always leads to signs of fatigue, both physically and mentally. It’s vital that your Vitamin B levels are topped up throughout the day to maintain a healthy state of mind and body.

For example, if you have a vitamin-rich breakfast before you start your day but have a stressful morning, by lunchtime, your vitamin B levels can be extremely low. With a poor quality, or absence of, lunch, you‘ll feel stressed out and fatigued for the rest of the day. One study in lacunar stroke patients found that Vitamin B deficiencies were one of the leading causes of severe fatigue in almost 90% of cases.

To combat this common problem, Vitamin B supplements can be taken throughout your day to top up your energy levels when you need it most. The typical recommended dosage for treating a Vitamin B deficiency is around 2,000mg per day. These can be taken individually as separate Vitamin B supplements or as a combined Vitamin B supplement that contains everything you will need. These supplements can be purchased online or at your local supplement store. In some cases, they may even be prescribed by a doctor. There are no known cases of an overdose, but you may experience an increase in bowel or gut activity.

2 Caffeine


Potentially one of the most famous supplements for combatting the symptoms of fatigue. Typically found in varying dosages in beverages, such as coffee, caffeine is renowned for its energy-boosting properties. This is the result of the caffeine molecules contracting your artery walls throughout your body’s nervous system. After the initial contraction of the artery walls, the muscles are then quickly relaxed, allowing for greater blood flow which in turn carries greater amounts of oxygen to your muscles and organs, resulting in a spike in your energy levels.

Caffeine takes around 45 minutes to become fully absorbed into your blood stream from initial consumption, and the effects can last between 4-5 hours. However, caffeine affects different people in different ways. Some individuals who are physically smaller will absorb caffeine at a much quicker rate, and the effects can last a lot longer. On the other hand, larger individuals with more muscle mass have reported effects only lasting a couple of hours.

Caffeine supplements are readily available for purchase everywhere. They are relatively affordable and are found in health food stores, through online retailers and even in your local supermarket. Caffeine is recognized as a safe supplement for adults to use. However, prolonged use over extended amounts of time or consistent regular use can result in some side effects. These side effects can include restlessness, vomiting, headaches and even mild cases of anxiety. However, with day to day use, the majority of individuals will experience no side effects. When taking a caffeine supplement to combat fatigue, the recommended dosage is between 150-600mg per day.

3 Multivitamin


Throughout the day, your vitamin levels decrease as you work, play and rest. If you’re overexerting yourself or have missed out consuming vital vitamins from your diet, a vitamin deficiency can occur which will leave your energy levels low. Consequently, the feelings of fatigue and exhaustion will rapidly become apparent. The best way to bring your levels up to the recommended dosage is by taking a Multivitamin supplement throughout your day.

Multivitamin supplements contain a variety of antioxidants, minerals, probiotics, and vitamins that are essential for your general, mental and physical health. Once administered, these vitamins actively work throughout your body, boosting your immune system, aiding digestive functions and increasing your energy levels as well as promoting healthy brain activity.

If you’re suffering from fatigue, the cause of these symptoms can stem from any part of your body for any reason which is why a Multivitamin supplement can effectively assist you. By nurturing all aspects of your body and improving your general health, your body can operate to its full potential, minimizing the risk of fatigue. Multivitamin supplements are available online, in your local health shop and can even be prescribed by a doctor. There are no recorded cases of overdose or severe side effects although you may notice an increase in gut or bowel movements.

4 D-Ribose


Commonly referred to as Ribose, this is the term given to a form of sugar that is naturally produced by your body. The supplement form is commonly used by athletes to enhance their performance and has been used medically to combat the signs and symptoms of chronic fatigue. The substance is especially helpful in preventing cramps, muscle pain, and stiffness, predominantly after exercise.

Ribose works by fuelling the process known as ATP. This is the chemical form of energy found in the body. With optimal levels of ribose, your body can effectively convert glucose and proteins into ATP which is transported throughout your body via the bloodstream. During times of extensive exercise, your body cannot keep up with the rate at which ATP is being used, hence why supplements are used to balance the levels. With optimal functioning muscles, you can go about your day and engage in vigorous amounts of exercise without having to worry about energy depletion. For day to day use, this can be used to fight the signs and effects of fatigue.

D-Ribose Supplements are readily available through online or physical retail outlets, usually marketed for bodybuilders and athletes, however, to fight the day to day signs of fatigue, visit your local health shop for a more refined and more suitable dosage. There are no severe cases of overdose or side effects from excessive usage, but there is a limited amount of data or studies available to make an accurate assumption. Short-term users may experience mild side effects such as headaches, upset stomachs or low blood sugar levels. Always follow your doctor’s advice and manufacturer’s instructions for dosage.

5 Iron


Iron supplements are becoming more and more popular as treatments for day to day fatigue. However, there is a lack of scientific proof and case studies. In one study, that took place over 12 weeks in women, found that over 47.7% of subjects reported a decrease in day to day fatigue levels. Fatigue due to iron deficiencies occurs most commonly in women, due to bodily processes such as the menstrual cycle. However, deficiency is becoming more and more common in men due to lack of exercise and poor diet.

Iron is a substance found throughout the body in red blood cells where it takes on a form known as Haemoglobin. The red blood cells use this substance to hold oxygen while it flows through the body, delivering it to muscles and vital organs, giving them the essential energy they need to function properly. If you’re suffering from an iron deficiency, your red blood cells cannot hold as much oxygen as needed with means your muscles become subject to limited supplies of oxygen, causing them to weaken which then results in the feelings of fatigue.

The recommended daily allowance for iron is around 18mg per day, but this will be dependent on the condition and size of your body. You will also receive the majority of this intake through your diet, so it’s important to monitor your intake to ensure you maintain a healthy balance. Iron supplements are available everywhere, from online retailers and supermarkets to health shops and are regularly prescribed by doctors. Monitoring your iron intake is vital as excessive levels can prove fatal, but that is in extreme cases. Always consult your doctor before administering iron supplements to ensure you are administering the correct amount.

6 Magnesium


Magnesium is renowned for its natural abilities to reduce your heart rate and the relaxing effect it has on your muscles. If your body is experiencing a magnesium deficiency and your muscles cannot relax, not only will you feel tension and stress throughout your body, a contributing factor to fatigue, your muscles will also lack the ability to make the essential energy you need throughout the day, leaving you feeling unproductive and drained. In one study it was discovered that 80% of patients treated with magnesium had increased energy levels and reduced symptoms of fatigue.

Typically, magnesium works by combining with Malic Acid, an essential chemical usually found in fruit, which travels through your body to your muscles and heart, providing the relaxing effect that allows them to work more efficiently. This treatment is also renowned for its pain-relieving properties and for improving an individual’s tolerance to exercise. This treatment allows your workouts, or any form of exercise, to benefits the body more effectively.

Magnesium supplements are easily available through online retailers and at your local health supplement stores. In some cases, a doctor can even prescribe magnesium supplements through a supplement plan that will help restore your body to its maximum efficiency level. There are no severe cases of magnesium overdose and no recorded negative side effects. It’s highly recommended when taking magnesium supplements that you stay hydrated throughout the day and drink plenty of water.

7 Vitamin A


The second vitamin type on my list, Vitamin A is responsible for the success of a variety of important bodily functions. These can include promoting healthy cell growth to improving the quality of our vision. When fighting fatigue, Vitamin A works effectively in the immune system by helping to defend your cells and muscles against foreign bacteria and pollutants, also known as free radicals. These free radicals thrive in the body as a result of poor diet, increased levels of stress and when exposed to excessive levels of pollution.

When thriving, these free radicals will attack your muscles and cells, causing you to feel drained and fatigued. With Vitamin A supplements, you can top up your vitamin levels that can then effectively attack and eliminate these radicals, allowing your muscles to relax, repair and work efficiently, boosting your energy levels to get you through the day. When taking the supplement, you’re also helping to boost the production levels of your red blood cells. This is vital for carrying oxygen to your muscles and organs, resulting in another boost in your energy levels throughout the day.

The maximum recommended intake of Vitamin A is 3,000mg although you must consider the fact that you’ll be receiving the majority of your intake through your diet and therefore you should carefully monitor the volume of supplement you are administering. When it comes to consuming the supplements, it’s highly advised you don’t exceed 700mg per day as a female or 900mg per day as a male, unless told do to do so by a doctor. Vitamin A supplements are readily available through online stores, retail outlets and can be prescribed by doctors in some circumstances. Although there are no recorded cases of severe side effects from taking Vitamin A supplements, excessive dosages or prolonged use may result in dizziness, headaches and sometimes confusion.

8 Carnitine


If you’re feeling chronically fatigued, Carnitine, commonly referred to as Acetyl-L-Carnitine, may be the supplement you need. It’s true that our bodies can create this substance naturally, but unfortunately, the process is inefficient and doesn’t produce the amount bodies need. Benefits of taking Carnitine supplements include reduced muscle pain, reduced symptoms of fatigue and increased physical and mental energy levels. The supplement is also regularly used to combat Chronic Fatigue Disorders.The Carnitine substance is responsible for removing fat from our cells, in particular, the mitochondria areas. This helps your cells to break down the fats and glucose in our cells easier which allows the body to efficiently produce ATP, known for being the chemical form of energy in the body. This ATP is then carried around the body by the blood, assisting in reenergizing muscles which help them to function efficiently which results in increased levels of energy.

Carnitine supplements are readily available through online stores, retail outlets and are commonly prescribed by doctors for fighting the effects and causes of fatigue. The recommended dosage varies from 500mg to 2,000mg per day, depending on your body condition and personal situation. Carnitine is considered safe by most governing medical organizations, and they are no known severe side effects from taking the supplements although excessive or prolonged use can result in feelings of nausea, headaches or heartburn.

9 Coenzyme Q10


Coenzyme Q10 is a chemical that is naturally produced by our bodies. Also known as Ubiquinone, this chemical can be found in every cell in the body and is responsible for the process of producing energy in each cell. This highest concentration levels can be found in heart, kidneys, liver and other vital organs. Similar to antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10 is an efficient molecule that helps to defend your cells and muscles from potentially harmful external elements such as bacteria and microbes. In addition to these protective properties, the chemical can help in digestion by creating proteins within your body which help to contract and relax your veins and arteries, increasing blood flow that results in higher levels of energy.Over 4,000 studies have been conducted on the effects of Coenzyme Q10, nearly all of them proving that the chemical is vital for a healthy and long-lasting life. In addition to its immune-boosting properties, taking Coenzyme Q10 has been proven to help combat signs of fatigue and can also help to increase the efficiency of your workouts. In the case of a deficiency, your body may experience muscle soreness, liver problems and even the potential to suffer from steady psychology decline.

There is a recommended daily dosage which can range from 22mg to 400mg, depending on your body type, size, and condition. You may be prescribed higher dosages, sometimes more than 2,700mg in cases where the supplement is being used to combat ALS over a nine-month course. For day to day use to fight signs and effects of fatigue, supplements are readily available from physical or online stores and outlets and boasts no known negative side effects.

10 Alpha-Lipoic Acid


Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) works in line with Carnitine supplements and is regularly included in supplement formulas. This antioxidant substance is naturally produced in the body and is regularly consumed through the foods in your diet. There has been little tests to prove the accuracy and the efficiency of the substance regarding fatigue, but there have been numerous cases in which patients and doctors have reported its benefits.Alongside Carnitine, ALA is extremely useful in the body, specifically the cells, for producing essential mitochondria which help your cells to produce energy. This energy is then transferred to muscles, allowing them to function for efficiently and to optimal capabilities. A deficiency in ALA will cause a reduction in the energy creation process meaning that your muscles will have restricted access to energy which causes them to weaken throughout the day. This will cause your muscles to feel sore and your body to feel fatigued.

ALA supplements are available online and through retail outlets but are commonly included in Carnitine formulas. This is because the two substances ideally work together to produce the energy levels in your cells. The recommended daily dosage of ALA is between 200-300mg but is dependent on your body and personal situation. As there are very few available tests and studies, not all side effects of taking ALA are known. In extreme cases, you may find you have difficulty breathing or swelling of your facial features due to an allergy of the supplement. Always consult your doctor for tests first.

11 ZMA


An increasingly common supplement formula that mainly contains zinc but will also include magnesium Aspartate and a variety of vitamins, usually Vitamin B6, but it depends on the brand of supplement purchased. The supplement is extremely popular for bodybuilders and always contains a variety of testosterone boosting properties.This supplement is popular with fatigue sufferers thanks to its sleep-induction properties. The magnesium and zinc substances work together to calm and relax your muscles and heart rate, reducing stress and tension levels in the body while effectively allowing you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep. With better sleep at night, your body will become more rested and will, therefore, have more energy throughout your day, minimizing the signs and effects of fatigue. Vitamin B6 is included as it helps the other substances to become absorbed into the body more rapidly and efficiently.

ZMA supplements are readily available wherever you go. They can be found in supermarkets or health shops or through online retailers. However, they are rarely prescribed by doctors due to their side effects. Although there are no major side effects, excessive consumption can result in cases of nausea, muscle cramps, and diarrhea. With extended use, zinc is also renowned for lowering the bodies immunity to illnesses and free radicals. The recommended dosages are as follows;

  • Zinc – 30mg per day
  • Magnesium – 450mg per day
  • Vitamin B6 – 10.5mg per day

12 Folic Acid


More commonly known as Vitamin B9, this artificial substance that’s consumed in a tablet form. Unlike most substances, the human body is incapable of storing folic acid, which means that our bodies must consume it either through diet or supplements. There are many benefits that folic acid has on the human body, including fighting the signs and effects of fatigue.When absorbed into the bloodstream, folic acid aids in the repair and replacement of RNA and DNA. In turn, this helps cells to divide rapidly, assisting in fast muscle repair as well as helping to produce an increased number of red blood cells. With increased activity with both of these, your muscles will be subject to higher levels of oxygen and faster repair rates which allow them to work more efficiently and therefore reducing the signs and effects of fatigue.

Due to the synthetic nature of folic acid, the supplements are readily available everywhere. They can be purchased online or through retail outlets and are regularly prescribed by doctors. The recommended daily dosage solely depends on your age and build, but for adults, it’s suggested that you consume around 600mg per day. There are no severe side effects associated with folic acid, but there are some cases where some individuals have reported an upset stomach.

13 Vitamin D


Vitamin D deficiencies are a renowned cause of fatigue for people from all walks of life. This sleep-deprived feeling stems from the deficiency affecting your muscles, caused from them becoming weaker and, at times, can even be painful. Similar to Carnitine supplements, Vitamin D is responsible for efficient ATP generation. The vitamin also helps your body to absorb calcium which is vital for bone growth and development. The human body can absorb Vitamin D through sunlight and the diet.With optimal levels of vitamin D, your body can efficiently produce ATP, the chemical form of energy found in the body. This increased amount of energy is carried throughout the body via blood cells that help to restore the energy lost through day to day activities in the muscles. This constant replenishment of energy helps your muscles to operate at their optimal levels, reducing the risk of potential pains and aches, overall reducing the risk of fatigue.

Vitamin D supplements are available from a range of retailers both online and in your local supermarkets and health stores. The recommended dosage of Vitamin D is around 50mg per day, but the majority of this daily dose should come from sunlight and through certain foods in your diet. Tests are readily available for purchase online or through your doctor that will detail the amount of supplement you may need to consume. There have been no severe recorded side effects from Vitamin D overdose, but excessive use may result in muscle weakness, bone pain, extreme weight loss and even kidney stones.

14 Tryptophan


This essential amino acid is vital for balancing the nitrogen levels in your body. Unfortunately, the human body is unable to produce this substance by itself which means you must consume it through your diet or the use of supplements. Once ingested, tryptophan is responsible for assisting in the production of serotonin and niacin. These substances are found throughout the body, particularly in the brain.When your body has optimal levels of tryptophan, your body uses this supplement, alongside iron, Vitamin B6, and riboflavin, to create serotonin.
This substance is found throughout your body and is vital for stabilizing your mood and for promoting healthy sleep activity. Both of these combined helps to lower your stress and tension levels throughout the day. With better sleeping patterns and less stress, your body can operate at a more efficient level, enabling you to feel awake throughout the day, minimizing the risk and effects of fatigue.

Tryptophan supplements are easily available from online retailers, supermarkets, and health shops and can sometimes be prescribed by doctors to treat insomnia, sleep apnea and some forms of anxiety. However, it’s worth noting that in the 1990s, tryptophan supplements were recalled from the market due to their adverse side effects that included heartburn, stomach pain and loss of appetite. Since then, however, the supplements have been refined and have popularly returned to the market with no severe cases reported. It’s recommended that your body consumed between 6-12g per day, but this includes the amount you would consume through your diet and varies on your size, age, weight and body type. Always consult your doctor before administering supplements yourself.

15 Vitamin C


Despite the title, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient, not a vitamin. This nutrient is found in the majority of foods, especially fruit and vegetables and is vital to the success of several bodily processes. One of the main functions is to reduce the levels of stress in the body and, thanks to its advanced antioxidant properties, it’s also essential for muscle healing and collagen synthesis.When relating to fatigue, movement and activity throughout your day will cause your muscles to tear slightly. This is an extremely common process in the body has the muscle will repair itself, becoming stronger and more efficient each time. In the case of a Vitamin C deficiency, your muscles will take a lot longer to repair will can cause you to feel achy, tired and fatigued since your muscles are weakened and cannot function to the best of their abilities.

Vitamin C supplements are easily available everywhere. You can find them online or through retail outlets in your town or city. They are also commonly prescribed by doctors around the world for their various benefits. The recommended daily dosage is between 60-70mg, but this will depend on the condition and size of your body as well as other factors such as exercise levels and diet. Also, note that the majority of your Vitamin C intake will come from your diet so always consult a doctor before administering the supplements. Vitamin C supplements are renowned for being safe to consume. However, large or excessive dosages can result in bodily harm including faintness, headaches, irritation, red blood cell problems and even an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease.


Fighting the effects of fatigue with supplements is one of the greatest improvements you can make to your everyday life. At its core, you’re simply replacing the vitamins, nutrients, and substances that your body uses up every day but simply don’t have time to replace properly through your lifestyle or diet. Remember to always consult your doctor before administering supplements for their advice and recommendations on dosages. Get ready to live a life where nothing can stand in your way!


All the information stated in the article below is sourced from a variety of sources that can be found on the Internet. All the information has been accurately recorded and reproduced from these sources and is believed to be true. The information included such as, but in no way limited to, supplement information, side effects, and dosage requirements are to be used as a guideline for administering supplements that will help you to fight fatigue on a day to day basis as well as promoting good general well-being. The authors and owners of this document are in no way responsible for the consequences of actions if a supplement listed is administered. This may happen due to several reasons such as allergies to the supplement or another related diagnosis. The information listed below is to be used as advice only and will in no way replace the professional opinion, advice or information which can be obtained from a licensed professional.