Today, we’re going to take a look at the fascinating world of nootropic blogs, highlighting the best of the best, so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

In short, we’ve done the hard work for you; shifting our way through hundreds and hundreds of nootropics blogs, filtering them down through our strict guidelines and benchmarks of quality, content, and consistency, until only 40 exclusive blogs remained.

The nootropics industry is one that has progressively, yet rapidly, taken off around the world and has no signs of slowing down. The science of biohacking and cognitive enhancement has never been more popular and the more people that are introduced this world, the more information there is to learn and the more we have to process.

With this in mind, there’s no better way to keep up to date with the latest news and industry trends than bookmarking a blog that gives you all the information you could ever want or need.

In all, these are the blogs are unparalleled and peerless.

These are the one-stop-shop blogs that contain everything you could possibly need from the nootropics industry, from in-depth product reviews and first-hand experiences to comprehensive product profiles and fascinating study-backed articles that keep you up to date.

So, whether you’re trying to enhance your memory, increase your focus level, augment your sleeping patterns or improve the energy levels of your mind and body, in no particular order, these are the blogs you need to follow this year.

1. Brain Blogger

Kicking off our top 50 list, Brain Blogger is an all-you-can-eat health blog with a primary focus on nootropics. Here, there are many detailed sections that cover areas of psychology and healthcare, giving you the full experience and all the knowledge you could need when it comes to using nootropics while caring for your mind and body. Some people call this blog the definitive of a one-stop blogging experience.

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2. Nootropics Zone
Nootropics blog

Self-proclaimed as the "#1 Source for Nootropic Info", Nootropics Zone is one of the best blogs to bookmark when it comes to keeping up to date with the latest news from the industry. There’s also a tonne of content you’ll need to know when it comes to shopping in the right places, the best and latest stack information and full, in-depth nootropic profile guides.

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3. Nootropics Expert

One of the most informative blogs to enter our list, Nootropic Expert is an inclusive blog that aims to help their followers from around the world learn and maintain a healthy relationship with their nootropic stacks by providing you with all the information you need in an easily digestible format. In addition to the fully-developed beginner's guide, there’s a complete list of all available nootropic supplements, individual product reviews, and even a small store.

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4. Nootropics Valley

If you’re looking for a modern, current and up to date nootropics blog for all your industry needs and interests, there might not be any point looking further than Nootropics Valley. Some of the blog topics you’ll find on this website are some of the most interesting concepts and subjects we’ve ever seen on a nootropics blog which covers everything from nootropic-based diets and brain enhancement supplements to combination information and even nootropic technology posts. What’s more, this is by far one of the sleekest and easiest to use blogs in the industry.

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5. Nootropic Watchdog

Next, we have Nootropic Watchdog, a blog that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to giving you all the information you could ever need. The blog has a main focus on providing you reports that have expert advice and knowledge about certain topics, as well as first-hand user reviews, product guides, and their own approval system, allowing you to easily find the best products from the best suppliers.

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6. The Nootropics Review

As the title suggests, the Nootropics Review is a blog dedicated to providing you with all the information and reviews you could need to know when it comes to pre-made nootropic stacks. This information gives you the ability to research and educate yourself on everything there is to know about some of the highest-rated nootropic supplements out there, as well as detailed first-hand experiences from the blog owner and long-term nootropic enthusiast, Eric Belcher.

8. Nootropics - Reddit Thread

One of the more "unique" blogs to enter our list is the dedicated nootropics Reddit thread. With an absolute tonne of content uploaded to the thread every day from any of the 121,000 subscribers, you can find everything from first-time questions and Q&A threads to opinion pieces and even product reviews. If you’re looking to actively join the worldwide nootropics community, this is for you.

9. Natural Nootropic
Natural Nootropic

Proudly stating the inspirational tagline "Maximise Your Brain Power", Natural Nootropic is a precise and straight-talking blog that prides itself on providing you with all the information you could ever need. There are volumes of product reviews and you can also enjoy up-to-date top supplement annual reviews to help you make your brain smarter.

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10. Limitless Mindset
best nootropics 2017

One of our personal favourites when it comes to all things involving nootropics, biohacking, and natural brain supplements for students and taking your mind and body to the next level, as the title clearly suggests. Limitless Mindset, created by Jonathan Roseland, is a futuristic-styled blog with all the content you could possibly want, from free podcasts and daily blog posts on brain boosters to dedicated videos as well as a tonne of linked resources that gives you all the information you could ever want to know.

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11. NeuroNootropic

If you’re looking for an extremely detailed, in-depth guide to nootropics, you might not need to look any further than NeuroNootropic. This easy to navigate, fully-featured website has a plethora of posts that are dedicated to all the known smart drugs with a tonne of information and reviews of the top nootropics, stacks and products and even has a dedicated forum to discuss every aspect of the biohacking industry with an enthusiastic community.

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12. Nootriment
nootropics list

Another truly fantastic blog to next enter our list is Nootriment. The blog breaks down all the different types and purposes of nootropic into categories, including the traditional focus, memory and sleep categories etc., but also long-form explanation articles that detail everything you could possibly want to know about all kinds of nootropics; over 120+ different varieties in total. This makes this source a wealth of information that simply cannot be ignored.

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13. PeakNootropics
best rated nootropics

Despite only having one or two monthly updates to their blog, PeakNootropics is a leading blog in the industry and is packed with all the information you could ever want to know. You could spend hours on the site and not even scratch the surface of the amount of quality content that’s on offer. From coverage of the industry to tips for newbies, this blog is one that deserves to be bookmarked today.

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14. BrainTropic
new nootropic suppment 2018

When BrainTropic first launched, it rapidly became on the most popular nootropic blogs, marketing itself as “the complete guide to nootropics”. With a simple and well-thought-out website, this blog thoroughly covers everything related to the industry, from investigating potentially the best stacks possible, to mixing and matching certain supplements to achieve some outstanding biohacks that will positively change the way you live your life forever.

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15. Focus Here and Now

Focus Here and Now is a resource and tool-based blog that focus primarily on natural supplements and health remedies that are designed to boost your brain activity and productivity. Alongside the latest news from the health industry and an array of opinion pieces from experts and users, you’ll also find a fully developed long-form section on everything there is to know about nootropics. There’s even one of the most in-depth nootropic supplement review sections we’ve ever read.

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16. Nootropic Geek
nootropics brain supplements

This one-man-band blog is run by the self-proclaimed Nootropic Geek, marketed with the simple tagline of “I know a LOT about nootropics”. And they do. It is a personal insight and highly detailed guide to the industry. There are a plethora of posts to be found on this blog, dating back through the last few years. All the information provided on this blog is highly researched and contains a unique personal insight into their experiences, giving you a fresh take on the industry and its products.

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17. Nootropics Hacks
Nootropics Hacks

Founded by Philip Johnson, Nootropics Hacks is the personal project of a talented freelance writer who shares his first-hand cognitive and mental health enhancement experiences with his thousands of followers. Working alongside his team of resident bloggers, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of blog posts and updates on the nootropics industry, as well as ground-breaking stories and accounts of personal experience from using natural brain supplements.

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18. Be Brain Fit
best nootropic for focus

With the tagline “Better Mind, Better Life”, Be Brain Fit is easily one of the most popular nootropics blogs out there with a social media presence of over 22,000 followers. In addition to countless nootropics blogs that are suitable for both beginners and experts, you’ll also find a wealth of posts of meditation, health, natural nootropics, nutrition and more, making this blog basically everything you could ever need to live the best life possible.

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19. Corpina
top nootropic supplements

If you’re looking for the latest news updates and industry breakthroughs as they happen, there’s no better blog to bookmark than Corpina. With all the information you could ever want or need from the nootropics and neuroscience industry, this blog is so popular that is has even been featured in leading brain-booster publications like Bulletproof and Vice.

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20. NootroHacker
nootropics wholesale

When it comes to NootroHacker, there’s no better place for up-to-date information or regular blog posts that detail everything you need to stay in the loop when it comes to the nootropics industry. One of the best and most appealing features that the website has is the fact that it’s a source for independent studies that cover all kinds of supplement, giving you all the information you need to make the best decisions when it comes to your health.

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21. Nootrina
Nootrina Nootropics

Marketed as a guide to teach you everything you need to know to stay up-to-date in the nootropics industry, as well as recent and daily updated news and information on the latest trends, there may not be a reason to take yourself anywhere else when it comes to the latest nootropic developments. Nootrina contains a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the latest product reviews and also hosts a comprehensive range of supplement profiles for you to refer to at any time.

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22. Nootropic Topics
mood, memory and focus

Easily one of the most complete nootropics blogs on the internet, Nootropics Topics has everything there is to know about the industry. From in-depth reviews of the various types of smart drug, categorised into dedicated sections that include mood, memory and focus, to reviewing the latest products, brain boosters and featuring an extremely comprehensive knowledge base. The blog is nicely laid out, easy to navigate and gives you everything you could possibly want from a nootropics blog.

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23. Health Nootropics
Cognitive Enhancers

What we love the most about this high-quality blog is the extremely easy to navigate webpages with everything you could need to know about cognitive and mental health enhancement. This blog is ideal for beginners or people who are looking for more information on how the industry works, providing you with highly detailed posts that cover topics like “How Nootropics Work” and “The Benefits of Cognitive Enhancers”.

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24. The Sunlight Experiment
Nootropics smart drugs

This minimalist blog is almost guaranteed to become one of your favourite sources of information when it comes to the world of nootropics. The website has a strong focus on providing its followers with everything they need to know and is home to an entire section dedicated to nootropic themselves. On this site, you’ll also find detailed supplement profiles and guides and there’s even a rather active social media presence, so you can follow and interact with like-minded people around the world!

nootropics industry

Based in Canada and want to keep up to date with everything there is to know about the nootropics industry? This is the blog for you. Enabling you to unleash the power of your brain, has everything you could ever need to know when it comes to supplement profiles, natural brain supplements and in-depth reviews on what’s currently available. There’s also a wealth of information on the blog which covers everything from the best stacks to legal information for Canadians.

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26. BrainProTips
cognitive development

Marketed with the tagline “Nootropics and the relentless (often foolish) pursuit for cognitive development”, this is one blog that takes a balanced look at the industry to give a second opinion on the effects and benefits of the nootropics industry. There are endless posts (around 50 in each section) covering all genres, from nootropics and leading products to cognitive and mental health developments, ensuring a balanced view, no matter what subject you’re interested in.

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27. It Made My Day
boosting energy nootropics

With a primary focus towards nootropics that combat anxiety while boosting energy and focus level, It Made My Day is a complete nootropics blog experience that’s suitable for stackers of all experience levels. It was created by John Haller to give valuable information from the latest in-depth product reviews and natural brain supplements for students to top-ten product lists and how-to blogs. This blog is easily worth bookmarking.

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28. Notey - Nootropics

Hosted on the Notey platform is a one-stop nootropics thread where you can find everything you’ll ever need to know about the industry. With daily uploaded blogs that cover all aspects of the niche, you’ll find a collection of latest stories, news updates, opinion pieces and product reviews from the leading experts and organizations in the nootropics field.

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29. Nootropedia

Nootropedia is an extremely easy to use and professional nootropics blog by Mansal Denton which is another of our personal favorites. Not only is this blog extremely well laid out and well-maintained, but there’s also a mass of content that covers every aspect of the nootropics industry, from information on supplements and clinical trials, all the way to drinking advice and scientific studies and journals. In short, there’s enough here to keep you busy and up-to-date for months to come!

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30. 101 Nootropics
nootropic supplements

Another one-man-band blogger to enter our exclusive list, 101 Nootropics is an independent nootropics user that shares his personal experience as he tests a wide range of nootropic supplements on his journey to find the best. On his blog, you’ll find years’ worth of independent reason; all written up in a captivating and compelling way that educates and shares an insight into his personal experiences with the supplements.

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31. The Doctor’s Closet
best supplements and brain boosters

Half health blog, half nootropics blog, The Doctor’s Closet is a fully developed and regularly updated blog that covers all areas of the nootropics industry. From the homepage, you’ll be able to find everything you need to know about starting out in the industry including a tonne of information on the best supplements and brain boosters for the effects you’re looking for. For more experienced stackers, there’s a wealth of posts on the science behind the concepts and reviews on the latest products.

32. Nootropic Aid
brain enhancement supplements

This is the only guide you could ever need when it comes to the best nootropics that are available to you right now, making this blog ideal for beginners and experts alike. The primary focus of this blog is smart drugs, brain enhancement supplements and natural enhancers, and there’s a tonne of reviews which cover each. All the blogs and reviews on this site are nicely laid out with specific categories, enabling you to find exactly what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

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33. Nootropics Info
nootropic supplement industry

Promoting itself as one of the best sources to get all the up to date facts, figures and news from the nootropic supplement industry - Nootropics Info deserves your attention. This blog has been established for a long time, having first posted back in 2014. The content is extremely well-written and contains some great explanations and information on natural brain supplements for students, especially for beginners in the industry.

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34. Nootropic Supplement Review

This is hands-down one of the most complete nootropic blogs we’ve ever seen. In addition to the standard and in-depth nootropic supplement guides, you’ll also find a tonne of information on all kinds of branded products, research chemicals, brain enhancement supplements and even a dedicated section on Russian-based and produced nootropics. If you’re looking for everything there is to know about the effects of certain products - all backed up scientific information - this is the next blog you should be bookmarking.

35. Happy Body Formula
Happy Body Formula

Happy Body Formula is a complete and diverse blog that’s dedicated to health, nutrition and - of course - nootropics. The nootropics section is spread among the available categories and contains everything a beginner could want to know about starting out in the world of biohacking and supplement taking in the form of step-by-step guides and benefit lists.

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36. Nootropics Home
nootropic industry

Created by David Johnson, this is one of the most truly unique blogs in the nootropic industry and we simply haven’t seen anything like it. Not only does the blog divide up its collection of blog posts into detailed categories such as “Focus”, “Energy” and “Memory”, you’ll also find comprehensive beginner guides and factsheets. There’s even a tonne of product reviews, how-to guides and even a whole section dedicated to linking you to the latest scientific research in the industry.

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37. Smarter Nootropics
Smarter Nootropics

With the tagline ‘Substances that enhance brain functions,’ this is one blog that has dedicated itself to informing the world through shared opinions of some of the best mentally-enhancing nootropics on the market. The blog has comprehensive supplement profile pages, regularly updated content, and even a complete guide to using nootropics section for beginners.

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38. Nootropic Nation
natural nootropics industry

Although this blog doesn’t seem to have been updated with new posts since April 2017, this blog is still a great place to keep updated with proven information about supplements and stacks in the natural nootropics industry. This includes comprehensive study breakdowns and products reviews that detail all the ins and outs of popular products, including interaction, dosage and side effect information when learning how to make your brain smarter.

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39. NooMind
natural nootropics

Although they have been inactive for a while, there are dozens of pages still available on the NooMind blog and it is still as relevant as it always has been. All the posts on this site have been creatively produced from the band of resident writers and contributors and although rather simple compared to other blogs on this list; this makes it perfect for beginners and experts alike who are looking for information when starting out in the world of nootropics.

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40. Nnootropics

This is easily one of the most fully-featured blogs when it comes to the nootropics community. In addition to a tonne of product reviews, a volume of which is highly competitive, one of our favourite features is the built-in live chat feature. This chatroom enables you to communicate with nootropics enthusiasts from around the world, allowing you to talk about anything and everything you please!

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Big congratulations to all these amazing blogs that were featured on our top blog list for 2018 and we can’t wait to see what you’ve all got planned for this year!