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Collections Update


From the 27th of April, we will be accepting collections at our trade counter between the hours of 9am to 11am Monday to Friday. We will be able to accept cash but payment by card is preferred.

Please notify us at least 2 hours before prior to collecting so we can ensure stocks are available and prepared for you. We will be following social distancing guidelines and the use of PPE by our staff and wish that you respect these measures.

Please click this link to fill in the online due diligence form.

Thank you for your understanding

Due Diligence Policy for Collections


Blackburn Distributions likes to offer our customers flexibility in terms of how they purchase our products and we do accept customer collections from our warehouse for orders over £50. Unfortunately, the potential for our products to be used for illegitimate purposes presents a real threat not only to our company but to society as a whole. As such, Blackburn Distributions takes this aspect of our corporate responsibility very seriously and as from 1st August 2014 the following must be adhered to in order for a collection to be completed:


  • Customers must notify a member of the customer service team on 01282 613364 at least 4 hours in advance. Customers who fail to do so WILL NOT be served.
  • All new customers must be able to provide photo identification and complete a due diligence form providing information relating to the intended use of the product(s) purchased.
  • Previous customers will also be required to complete new diligence forms and provide photo identification if none is attached to their current due diligence documents. Previous customers will have 2 opportunities to collect without providing this before we will have to refuse sale.
  • Due diligence forms will also be available to complete online with the ability to upload identification and provide more in depth information. Please note online due diligence forms must be completed 24 hours before a collection.
  • Cash payments will only be accepted up to the amount of £2500. Payments over £2500 will only be able to be paid for via bank transfer/deposit, credit/debit card, or PayPal.
  • Orders above £10,000 are subject to money laundering regulations and will be dealt with accordingly.
  • All customers will be provided with full invoices and will be required to sign consignment notes stating address, contact information, products purchased, and date.
  • Customers who have completed the due diligence procedure but cannot collect in person and require a ‘third party’ to collect their goods on their behalf, must advise the customer service team at the time of notification and ensure that the ‘third party’ provides photo identification. .

Please note, all information is for the use of Blackburn Distributions only and will not be passed on to third parties for marketing purposes. For further information regarding our due diligence policy please contact a member of the customer service team on 01282 613364 or via email contactus at blackburndistributions dot com

Please click this link to fill in the online due diligence form.

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