ISO 9001:15 Quality Assured 

Accredited by Standards 


On March 27th 2021, we received the exciting news that Blackburn Distributions has again passed its yearly audit and certified under ISO 9001:2015. This demonstrates how we continually work on improvements, in our processes to assure quality, efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Our audit was conducted by SGS, the largest and most well-known auditing company assuring you that we are meeting the highest standards. You can find more information on them here: SGS | When You Need To Be Sure

So what does having ISO mean for Blackburn Distributions customers?:

In certain countries, it is common for Duties & Taxes to be paid when importing products. Please note, it is YOUR responsibility to pay any Duties & Taxes that may occur and it is not included in the delivery charge. Any orders that are returned to us due to any Duties & Taxes not being paid will be subject to admin fees which will be deducted from your final refund. The original delivery charge will NOT be refunded.

ISO Certification Means Trust:

A lot of work goes into checking all systems and processes are working exactly as they should resulting in high-quality service and products. This is then audited by an external reputable company that verifies that what we do what we say. This gives total transparency and reassurance to the customer that our products and service are of the highest standards.

ISO Certification Means Uniformity:

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization and is globally recognised. It is a way of ensuring repeatability in high quality from service to products. ISO represents process control which allows us to assure compliance to requirements, align operational needs, manage risk and provide for continuous improvement with the key focus on quality for our customers.

ISO Certification Means Continuous Improvement in Quality:

ISO helps our company bring our key business processes to light and represent them in a way that is understood clearly by everyone in the company. Our quality management system gives us a way to accurately describe the processes that make up our business operating system and demonstrate their relationship and interaction with one another. The commitment is to demonstrate that our business operating system is effective and exceeding our customer expectations.

ISO Certification Means Commitment & Teamwork:

Our journey to being certified began internally in March 2019, when we evaluated our existing processes to align them with the new requirements. In this journey, we took the time to reassess our key, business processes and allowed for team discussions that focused on continuous improvement.

One of the aspects we are proud of where we go above and beyond is that training is conducted with all our staff members to become certified food safety handlers, from the production operative to the accountants. Thanks to all of you who motivate us to continuous improvement every day.

We are proud to serve you as an ISO 9001:2015 company!