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Key Benefits of Caffeine Powder (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK):

  • Caffeine Powder can support increases in heart rate and mental alertness.
  • Pure Caffeine Powder can help to maintain awareness.
  • Caffeine Powder has the potential to maintain an increase in work rate for maximising training time.
  • Pure Caffeine Powder can support weight loss as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Pure Caffeine Anyhydrous (caffeine powder) is extremely potent and requires very small dosage to be effective, please check the warnings below and read the instruction & care sheet provided with the product. This product must be weighed using accurate weighing scales to 2 decimal places which can be purchased here.
  • Caffeine powder is currently undergoing a global shortage due to the ongoing covid situation, changes to import licenses and freight issues which are resulting in difficulty in providing this material and price increases. We are working hard to resolve this and appreicte your understanding in the meantime.
  • Shipped within 1 working day subject to stock.

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Our Pharmaceutical Grade Caffeine Anhydrous Powder is a 100% pure white powder that has a bitter taste and meets the most recent UK Pharmaceopia standards. The mesh size (coarseness of the product) is very fine like flour and consistent preventing any grittiness which can be found in cheaper products. This material is Kosher, and the product’s certificate of analysis is available above.

We source our caffeine from the world’s largest manufacturer of caffeine and is the highest quality and strongest potency caffeine you can by. All our caffeine is independently tested in the UK and only bought from approved suppliers with stringent quality management systems and accreditation for your peace of mind.

Doses should not be taken in more than 200mg at any one serving and no more than 400mg per day.
Caffeine powder is highly potent stimulant and requires a small dosage to provide strong effects. It is critical that caffeine powder is weighed out using accurate scales that are capable of measuring to at least two decimal places in milligrams. You can purchase these scales cheaply from our website here or other reputable vendors online.

Many other energy drinks, pre workouts and also coffee include caffeine so be careful do avoid excessive caffeine intake from other sources. Caffeine is highly potent and it is not recommended to be measured out without accurate weighing scales and being very mindful of the dosage. We cannot express enough how important the correct dosage is of this product is. Always start low and work higher.

We do not provide scoops for measuring this product out as they do not provide consistent dosing. DO NOT under any circumstances use teaspoon or other volume based measurements to dose this product. A single teaspoon of pure powdered caffeine is roughly equivalent to the amount in 28 cups of coffee.

Side effects from excessive caffeine include nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and heart palpitations. Consuming as little as one tablespoon (equivalent to 3 teaspoons or approximately 8.1 grams) of caffeine has been associated with symptoms including chest pain, hypokalaemia, elevated blood glucose, tachycardia, bigeminy, agitation, respiratory alkalosis, irregular heartbeat, and in some cases, even death.

Do not take if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or are under the age of 18 or have any previous medical conditions. Keep out of the reach of children. Always check with a medical practitioner before taking new supplements.

Many other energy drinks, pre workouts and also coffee include caffeine so be careful to avoid excessive caffeine intake from other sources. Caffeine is highly potent and it is not recommended to be measured out without accurate weighing scales and being very mindful of the dosage. We cannot express enough how important the correct dosage is of this product is. Always start low and work higher.

Caffeine Anhydrous Powder Usage, Dosage and Side Effects:

How to take Caffeine Powdered Caffeine can be taken by adding the recommended dose to drinks such as protein shakes, fruit juice or water, or by placing the recommended dose into empty capsules and swallowed.
When to take Caffeine Powder Pure Caffeine Anhydrous should be taken during the day with meals. We do not recommend taking it 4 hours before bed due to its stimulant effects.
Dosage of Caffeine Pure Caffeine Powder ranges from 60mg – 200mg per serving. Do not take more than 400mg per day. If you are unsure how to use this product, please speak to a medical practitioner.
Side Effects & Warnings of Caffeine Powder

Side effects of excessive Powdered Caffeine use or mixing this product with other stimulants could result in you becoming addicted and suffering from restlessness, rapid heartbeat, hypertension headaches, heartburn, insomnia, nausea and nervousness. Caffeine powder should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women or people under 18 years of age.

Other Industrial Uses of Caffeine Powder:

Food Industry:

Caffeine Powder is widely used in the food and drink industry to boost the alertness and stimulatory effects of the products. Energy drinks are large consumers of caffeine powder during manufacture but less well known applications include addition to protein bars, morning cereals, coffee flavored ice creams. It quite surprising how many different food stuffs contain or have added caffeine.

Cosmetics Industry:

In cosmetics and personal care products, Caffeine Powder is used in the formulation of bath products, cleansing products, makeup, shaving and skin care products. Caffeine Powder works by enhancing the appearance of dry or damaged skin by reducing flaking and restoring suppleness.

Pharmaceutical Industry:

Caffeine Powder is added to cold & flu treatments as well as migraine medications. This is purported to work by increase the pain relief from paracetamol and makes you more alert. It is believed that the vasoconstrictive properties of caffeine powder may help to ease the pain of migraine. Studies have found that by adding Powdered Caffeine to a pain reliever like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or aspirin, the pain relieving effect can be increased by 40%

Advisory Information

The products sold by Blackburn Distributions are not intended to diagnose, treat, restore, correct or modify any functions in human beings. They are solely intended to help maintain & support a healthy lifestyle. The claims presented have not been evaluated by the FDA or the MHRA. We recommend that you seek advice from a fully qualified health care professional before consuming any of these products especially if you are taking other medications or pregnant. Discontinue use and consult a doctor if any adverse reactions occur. Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place.

Caffeine Powder Ingredients

Caffeine Anhydrous Powder

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Non-vegetarians, vegans, vegetarians


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How pure is our caffeine powder?

Our caffeine powder is 100% pure. The products certificate of analysis is available to view.

Can I order a larger quantity of caffeine than what is available on the website?

Yes, we offer bespoke quantities over 260kg for our customers. If you are looking to order a large quantity of Caffeine please call a member of our customer service team to ensure we have stock available.

What grade is the Caffeine powder?

Our caffeine powder is Pharmaceutical grade.

Can I collect caffeine powder from Blackburn Distributions?

Yes, we do offer a collection service. Please ensure you have thoroughly checked over our collection/due diligence policy and informed the customer service team before your arrival.

Can I order a sample of Caffeine Powder?

If you are looking to place a large order but wish to sample the caffeine before purchasing, please contact our customer service team.

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