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We appreciate it is not always achievable, with our increasingly busy lifestyles, to obtain all of the Minerals Supplements essential to keep your body in good health. Here at Blackburn Distributions we offer all the Minerals Supplements you need to maintain a healthy body or the more specific minerals needed for your specific training needs.

Having all the Minerals Supplements your body needs gives you increased energy levels, which can have an amazing impact on self- motivation and give you that competitive edge.
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  1. Potassium Gluconate Powder

    Potassium Gluconate Powder

    From £17.80
    • Required for muscle contraction, production of energy, synthesis of nucleic acids and proteins.
    • Supports the building of muscle and many athletes take Potassium Gluconate to prevent and fight off muscle cramps.
    • Helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and a regular heart rhythm.
    • Diets high in Potassium may help to maintain bone health.
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