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We are industry leading experts in all aspect of vitamin, mineral & sports supplement manufacturing who can support you from formulation to finished product and everything in between. We understand the complexities of creating, launching and running a successful supplement brand. Let us make this as easy as possible whilst gaining the best results for your products. Based in the UK we adhere to the highest quality standards for both our products and services. Our reviews speak for themselves.

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Complete the short form about your bespoke supplement formulation at the bottom of the page and we will respond within 24 hours, a few basic details at this point will allow us to deal with your enquiry efficiently and provide the best possible service.


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One of our experts will call you shortly to discuss your custom supplement manufacturing requirements in more detail and provide advice where needed and understand how we can best help you. This is not a sales call, our team have years of experience in asking the right questions and giving the best information to get head start for your brand.


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We will create a bespoke supplement quote for you with no hidden charges or surprises. The quote will contain all the detail you need to evaluate the costs involved on using or switching to our services. We work on long term business not short term profits and your quote will be reflective of this without compromise on quality.

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What We Are Great At!

We dont try to do everything but instead focus on the things we are great at, contract and bespoke manufacturing of supplements is exactly this. We have a number of key supplement manufacturing services we offer all centred around providing the most efficient and high-quality supplement manufacturing service in the market all made in our UK based facility.



Filling of powdered ingredients into capsule form for an easy to take supplement with less fillers and ability to handle difficult products such as herbal supplements. The level of customisation from the encapsulation process is unparalleled allowing for complete product differentiation of your brand.


Powder Blending

Using v mixers we achieve the perfect blend, mixing the powders in the correct way to ensure even blend without hotspots is critical. We can do from 50kg up 5000kg of custom supplement blends per day with multiple ingredients, colours and flavourings.


Product Development

Our experts have formulated hundreds of supplement products using thousands of ingredients and we can provide complete assistance in picking the right ingredients, right dosages and right flavours to make your products great.


Packaging & Labelling

Having a wide range of options we can go from basic cost effective packaging to bespoke pop off the shelf packaging and labelling. We can also provide assistance in labelling & marketing legislation. We take pride in our customers products looking different and eye catching to their customers every time.

Why Choose Us

Have you been let down by supplement companies who fail to respond to your questions, deliver poor quality products, fail to deliver on time or generally don’t care about your business beyond taking your money? Then you need to give us a call.

We have spent years listening to our customers and building our business specifically to ensure these issues don’t occur.

We are highly flexible and work hard to exceed our customer expectations, going above and beyond to nurture long lasting relationships which ultimately mean you have a great experience and can concentrate on building your brand.


Class 7 Pharmaceutical Grade CLEAN ROOMS


High Tech Automated FACILITIES


Stringent quality control


Quick Lead Times


Low Minimum Order Quantities


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs?

It is difficult to advise on costs without knowing the formulation you want manufacturing. Each formulation is bespoke to the customer so prices will vary. We do have a minimum order value of £750.

What are your lead times?

Our lead times are approximately 3-4 weeks from receiving payment, however, during busy periods this may increase. You will be advised at the point of payment.

Can we offer Non-disclosure Agreements?

We have a standard non-disclosure agreement template that we can offer and we also accept customer’s own versions subject to review.

Can I visit your premises prior to ordering?

We do accept customer visits but they have to be booked in via your sales representative. We don’t accept un-announced customer visits.

Do you offer white labelling services?

We only offer custom contract manufacturing.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Our MOQ for an encapsulation order is just 25,000 capsules.

What type of capsules can you offer?

We can offer both gelatine and vegetarian hard capsules – unfortunately we can’t offer soft gelatine capsules.

How many capsules can you manufacture per day?

We have the capacity to manufacture 300,000 capsules per day depending on the materials involved.

Can you offer packaging?

Yes, we can offer both glass and plastic bottles. We can also offer pouches if required.

Can I provide my own ingredients?

We may be able to accept customer’s own ingredients subject to the relevant certification being provided. You would need to speak with a member of the sales team for clarification.

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

The MOQ for a powder blending order is 200 units or 25-50kg in bulk. It would depend on the value of the ingredients involved.

Can you flavour powder blends?

Yes, we have the capability and experience to flavour powder blends. We can offer both natural and synthetic flavours.

Can you offer packaging?

Yes, we can offer either plastic tubs or pouches.

Can I provide my own ingredients?

We may be able to accept customer’s own ingredients subject to the relevant certification being provided. You would need to speak with a member of the sales team for clarification.

Can you provide samples of formulas prior to ordering?

We can offer samples of formulas through our product development services. Please see the Product Development section below.

What is the cost to get my product developed?

Fees for product development start from £50+VAT for an encapsulation formula and £300+VAT for a powder blend formula.

What is involved in product development?

Product development involves us working closely with you to create/develop your formula while conducting in-house tests to ensure the finished product is up to standard before proceeding to full production. Please speak with a member of the sales team for further information.

Can you provide me with a formula?

We can offer full product formulation if required. Customers will usually come to us with an idea of a formula and we can add our expertise to finalise it.

How long does it take to receive samples?

We usually offer lead times of 2-3 weeks to receive samples but this may differ during busy periods. You will be notified at the beginning of the process.

Can I visit your premises for sample testing/view facilities?

We can offer half day sessions for customers that wish to participate in the sampling process in order to complete the process quicker. This is usually for flavoured powder blends. We can also accept customer visits to view our facilities prior to product development, please speak with a member of the sales team.

Can you offer packaging and labelling services?

Yes, we can offer packaging and labelling solutions to all of our customers to ensure you get the complete, finished product. We can offer glass or plastic bottles, plastic tubs and various different forms of pouches.

Can you offer environmentally safe packaging?

Yes, we can offer various different forms of packaging which are designed to help the environment, such as bio-degradable packaging. Please speak with a member of the sales team for further information?

Can you design my label?

No, unfortunately, graphic design of labels is not something that we get involved with.

Can you offer advice on what is legally required on the label?

– Yes, we can offer advice on what needs to be included, such as allergen information and disclaimers, but we would always recommend having the label checked with your local Trading Standards department first.

Do you print the labels in-house?

No, we work with a third party for all of our labels.

Do you accept customer own labels?

Yes, we can accept labels provided by customers but they must meet our specifications in order to apply them. Please speak with a member of the sales team for further information.


What people are saying...



"Blackburn Distributions are a diamond in the rough when it comes to supplement manufacturers. We are not a small company by any means but we like to be cautious when trialling new products. Blackburn Distributions were willing to support us with lower MOQs when other supplement manufacturers simply ignored us. Their level of service overall cements them at the top of our go to companies for all new products."

Pure For Men

"I have been working directly with Paul Mather for some time now and I can tell you that the service our company, Pure for Men, receives is excellent. Not only is Blackburn able to accommodate timely delivery of our orders but Blackburn has also been proactive in helping us to plan for unforeseen events / delays, like the COVID pandemic. Additionally, the quality of the products produced by your team has been superb thus far.Paul is taking very good care of our business and we really appreciate him. "

Wolf Supplements

"We've been working with Blackburn Distributions for the past year on our first Pre-Workout launch. We worked closely with Beth and the team at BD to create the product and we are extremely happy with the end product. They managed to source our ingredients well and brought them together to create some astounding flavours. We will continue to develop products with Blackburn Distributions and would be confident recommending them to anyone."